Big Light of Mine and Master's Touch have collaborated to create Birmingham's no1 under 18's event.

The It’s Lit Linkup Holiday Programme focuses on the vision to effect positive change in the lives of young people within Birmingham - through expressive arts and digital media.

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It's Lit Linkup began as a very simple concept of interactive games and group discussion between young people and young adults. It's an opportunity for these two groups of people to gather together, to reason with one another and an opportunity to pass on knowledge that could save their life.


With real talking, relatable, down to earth discussion facilitators (no presentations or workbooks allowed) its a chance for them to share their story, respond to questions and get the youth thinking about their own lives and the next steps into their future.

It's Lit Linkup programme 2019 - Do it for the Likes!


This year we're taking it one step further as we invite young people all over Birmingham to engage in open discussions and debates about the new age of digital media whilst giving them the opportunity to collaborate on one drama piece meanwhile exploring forms of creativity, including drama, movement and spoken word.



Master’s Touch is an award winning creative and expressive arts company who reach out to young people from underprivileged backgrounds. They encourage the use of music, dance and drama as a way of channelling positive and negative energy through the participation of training sessions, workshops, group activities and classes. They are proud winners of Organisation of the Year 2012 for Celebrating Youth Excellence and some of their best productions include Behind the Closed Door, Look Who’s Talking and Should’ve Been Prepared, that were performed at the Library Theatre.

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Big Light of Mine is the “BBC Bitesize of lifeskills”. This organisation uses digital platforms to break barriers and encourage young people to positively address real life situations. Big Light of Mine facilitates events that show young people how to develop digital content to produce positive messages and disrupts negative stereotypes that will help them to make more informed decisions, that will impact their future. This venture is supported by the Lloyds School of Social Entrepreneurs 2017 Awards Programme.

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